A complete online masterclass for you to take your presentation skills to the very highest level and become a presentation rockstar!

The masterclass comes in three parts:

Part I       Done by you
Part II      Done with others
Part III     Done with me

Part I      DONE BY YOU

Resources that allow you to get started on your journey. You can go through them at your own pace, using the resource that best fits your learning style.

All resources are immediately available upon purchase.
33 videos
These videos cover absolutely EVERYTHING 
I have learned in the 23 years that I have been 
a speaker and CEO coach.
VALUE: $12000
33 audio
The audio versions of the 33 videos above.
VALUE: $4000
33 transcripts
The written transcripts of the 33 videos above.
VALUE: $2000
36 cheat sheets
One page cheat sheets of all 33 videos plus 3 extra to help implement.
VALUE: $1000


SECRET Facebook Group
This allows you to consolidate what you learn in Part I with a community of like-minded individuals. The group will help you grow exponentially and I am in there every day too.
VALUE: $3000


Live Zoom Q&A every two weeks direct with David and other members
All Zooms are recorded and available as a video and audio resource. 
VALUE: $2000


Interview video vault
50+ interviews with leaders who have been through this program and applied the techniques with real presentations. More interviews getting added regularly. 
VALUE: $1000

30 day money back guarantee

A 30 day money back guarantee making your investment totally RISK FREE. 
  • 33 videos
  • 33 audio
  • 33 transcripts
  • ​36 cheat sheets
  • ​Facebook group
  • ​Live Zoom Q&A
  • ​Interview vault
  • ​30 day money back guarantee
The Powerful Presenting for Leaders program is only available after first having a Zoom.

So if you are interested, click on the link below and book a chat with David.
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